Corporate Venues

All services are provided by a third party we at Boating Miami recommend and help you book directly with the provider. These are merely ideas for a yacht day. We only provide yacht rental services.

Impress potential clients, empower employees and promote team building with a unique experience that we at Boating Miami have crafted for you.

A luxury charter is the a great platform to celebrate, to be noticed & to have that memorable event everyone keeps talking about afterwards.

Tailor-made to the needs and purposes of your business goal, these charters offer a vibrant atmosphere and unparalleled access to the very heart of the action.

Whether you wish to host your own corporate event, entertain clients and guests, or simply create an unforgettable holiday, we have options for you:

Yachts available for up to 45, 100, 150 or 175 people.

105 ft

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