Yatching FAQ's

A bareboat charter is an agreement between a ship owner and a charter that essentially gives the charter complete responsibility for the vessel and is operation over the course of the charter. Must have a legal written agreement transferring vessel ownership along with meeting all bareboat charter requirements.

All safety equipment required by US Coast Guard, Floating Mat (some yachts), Bluetooth Sound System.

Yes, it is possible to bring your own food and beverages, some yachts are only allowing to bring prepared food. We also offer catering options in the event you would like us to supply food for your charter. Red wine is not allow in some vessels.

Cancellation prior to departure due to extreme weather; only made on the day of the rental and in a case of extreme weather conditions when restrictions are in place by the port authority: we refund minus 10% of total price or reschedule. You can download our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Cancellations are only processed in writing via email to info@boating- miami.com. You can download our Terms & Conditions for further details on cancellation policies.

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